Hyperhidrosis mean excessive production of sweat. It may affect the entire body. Most of the times, it’s limited to palms and soles.

Not only the sweaty hand and feet embarrassing for the person but also interfere with routine activities. Writing and shaking hands can be troublesome.

Sweating can be intermittent or continuous.

When it’s intermittent, it’s often exaggerated with emotions like anxiety, stress and fear.  There is no particular reason for it occurrence.

When sweating is continues, genetic predisposition is the cause.  Onset often occurs during childhood but can happen any time. It tends to improve with age. Sweating typically stops at night.

Treatment of sweaty hands and feet:

  1. Antiperspirant creams: Creams containing 50% aluminum chlorhydroxide are advised. They are applied every night. Left overnight to be washed off next day while bathing. Regular use would help decrease sweating. It works by suspending sweat glands. Once the desired results are achieved, frequency of use is reduced to once a week. Later to once a fortnight to maintain the results.
  1. Iontophoresis: Invest in an iontophoresis machine. Iontophoresis machine is available on amazon. It’s a compact device with can be stored in your drawer without occupying much space. Every day hands have to be soaked for half an hour in iontophoresis device. This kills the sweat glands by electric current. Don’t worry, it’s neither painful nor does it have any side effects. Once the desired results are achieved, frequency of use is reduced to once a week. Later to once a fortnight to maintain the results.
  1. Botox for sweaty hands Botox is the trade name for botulinum toxin. Botox when injected into palms and soles lead to decreased sweating. Single session is required This gives results lasting for up to 7 to 16 months. Procedure takes around half an hour to an hour post which person to return to work immediately. Once the desired results wanes off post few months, person can get the repeat injection. Getting the procedure repeated is never out of compulsion but always out of choice. That is, if person chooses not to repeat the procedure, there won’t be any harm.
  1. Sweaty hands and feet treatment at home: Add a pinch of potassium hydroxide or alum (commonly called phitkuri) in water. Soak hands for twenty minutes every day till desired results are achieved.
  1. Ayurvedic treatment for sweaty hands and feet: Prepare a mixture of crushed mishri and amla powder added in equal ratio. Take a tablespoon with water every day for 6 to 8 months.

Thus, find the right dermatologist near you to get the right treatment for sweaty hands and feet.

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