Cost of laser hair reduction can be confusing for some. Every laser centers quote different prices. Price depends upon two things:

  1. QUALITY OF LASER: Laser comes in all quality. Laser machine can cost from 1 lakh to 30 lakhs INR. The better quality machine delivers better results. Make sure you are getting it done by USFDA approved machine. Ask the center for the brand name. Google it to find whether its USFDA approved or not. The center with a good quality machine would charge you more. Also, the chances of side effects of laser hair reduction are much higher with a low-quality laser.
  1. WHO IS DOING THE LASER: Laser treatments should be done under the supervision of a qualified dermatologist. It’s very important that right energies are delivered. Results depend upon the interplay of right energy, pulse width, spot size. It can be decided by a dermatologist. Laser done by non-medicos will charge you lesser. Under a doctor’s guidance, one can attain desired results.

Thus, it’s you who need to decide what quality of work you want, what kind of results you want and accordingly you choose a center and pay for it. A center run by a doctor and having the best of the lasers is certainly going to come with a price tag. But trust me, investing once is far better than investing lesser and then later cry either because of lack of desired results or due to side effects.

SUMMARY: Cost of laser hair reduction depends upon the quality of laser and the experience and qualification of the person doing it. When using USDA approved laser and done under dermatologist supervision then only results come. So invest in that.

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