Laser hair reduction versus laser hair removal. What can be achieved? A caller asked me recently.

Laser hair reduction is getting rid of 70 to 90 percent unwanted hair. Laser hair removal means getting rid of 100% hair.

Medically,laser hair reduction is possible medically. Laser hair removal cannot be achieved. In case, one claim to deliver, laser hair removal, understand it’s a lie. Till date, best of the lasers can deliver only laser hair reduction. 70 to 90 percent hair gets killed. Whatever hair remains is reduced to thin villous hair. Their original thickness is gone. Also, when remaining hair is shaved, they grow back after a delayed time. If they used to grow back after a week’s time post shaving, they would now grow after three months. They are very soft to touch. Thus, laser hair reduction is good enough target to be achieved.

Laser hair removal till date is has not been achieved. Don’t fall prey of the centers claiming the same.

A US FDA approved Diode laser can deliver laser hair reduction. It takes around 6 to 8 sessions. Sessions are done at 4 to 8 weeks interval. Each session of full body takes around 2 hours. Smaller areas take lesser time. Dermatologist should be supervising each session. Slight pin prick sensation can be felt during laser shots. It can be tolerated comfortably.  Person can resume normal life immediately after the session. Laser hair reduction has no long term side effects.

Summary : Laser hair reduction versus laser hair  removal. laser hair reduction means getting rid of 70 to 90 % of unwanted of hair. This can be achieved. Laser hair removal i.e. getting rid of 100% hair is not possible.

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