Hyperpigmentation means darkening of skin. There can be various causes for same. Tanning , pigmentory demarcation lines, melasma, hormonal imbalances, vitamin B12 deficiency. Finding the cause is the first step towards treatment. Once the dermatologist pin point the cause various oral and medical creams can help. Various procedures too help a lot since they penetrate deeper into skin.


Various treatment modalities for hyperpigmentation are:

Skin lightening Creams containing  hydroquinone, azaelic acid, retinoids. They should be used only on dermatologist’s advice. Drawback of creams is that they can penetrate only upto certain depth into skin. Thus they help in clearing superficial pigmentation. But fail to clear the deeper skin pigmentation.

Laser: Nd :Yag Q switched laser can help. Make sure to get it done by a USFDA approved laser only. Never by a cheap laser. Enquire about the quality of laser and Google it out to find if it USFDA approved or not.

IPL can also help, but Nd:Yag Q switched laser is far more effective.

Peels: TCA peel or salicylic acid peel would help. Peels take off the superficial dead layer of skin. Thus, the increased pigment embedded in them also goes off.


Oral tablets: Tranexemic acid, vitamin E and C, oral anti oxidants are integral part of the treatment. Haldi or turmeric is the strongest antioxidant in the world. Taking two tablets (1gm in total) empty stomach in morning is advised.

Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy means injecting skin lightening agents into skin. This ensures that 100 % of drug has reached the skin. Creams only certain percentage penetrates. After consumption of oral tablets also, only a little percentage reaches skin. Thus, mesotherapy is very effective. Tranexemic acid is injected into skin at once fortnight intervals.

Make sure to consult a dermatologist  only for skin lightening treatment . Because a skin specialist is the right person to make the correct diagnosis. And to chose the right treatment options from the various treatments available. Apart from above mentioned medicines following things has also to be kept in mind .


Sunprotection: Protection from UV rays is must to keep pigmentation in control. Do cover yourself with scarf or wear broad brim glares to protect yourself from sun. Sunscreens with SPF 30 should be applied.


Weight Reduction: A type of facial pigmentation called acanthosis nigricans presents in form of thick black velvety skin. Obesity and diabetes is the main cause. It responds to weight reduction and by keeping the sugar levels in check.

Vitamin b12 deficiency too can lead to overall skin darkening. Finding the serum B12 levels and taking the supplements in case found low is the solution.

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