Scalp has approximately 100,000 hair. Fall of upto 50 to 70 hair per day is normal. Old hair keeps falling only to be replaced by new hair.Hair fall beyond 100 strands per day should propel one to seek medical attention.

There could be various causes for hair fall. Finding the cause is the first step towards treatment.

  • Nutritional deficiency: Lack of essential nutrients like iron, biotin, protein, vitamin D3 etc. in diet. People often claim to be very cautious and putting in every effort to eat healthy, but till the time one has these things in one’s kitchen – cooker, fridge and oven, one claim to be having nutritious diet falls flat since 87% of the nutrition is killed in food cooked in cooker. Similarly microwaves are strong enough to kill the nutrition in diet. Now did you realize why, almost everybody is having hair fall, dark circles, early whitening of hair, fatigue etc.

Chlorofloro carbons are supposed to be very dangerous for one’s health. These harmful gases are continuously emitted in the fridge. We keep food under these harmful gases and then consume them. Worst, after doing this day in and out we claim to be eating healthy.

SOLUTION: Add raw uncooked food to diet-sprouts, amla (Indian Gooseberry), almonds, dates, milk, soya, curd, lassi, gud(darker the gud better it is, whiter the gud bad it is) etc.

Take biotin supplements for three months after dermatologist prescription.

Get serum ferritin levels checked. In casethey turn out to be less than 40ng/dl, one is deficient in iron. Rememberdespite hemoglobin levels being normal one can have hair fall secondary to irondeficiency. Hemoglobin is the measure of iron in blood circulation, ferritin isthe amount of iron stores in body. If they are less, iron deficiency inducedhair fall would occur.

HAVE seeds, amla, dates, almonds etc every day .
  • Hormonal imbalance: Various hormonal imbalances can lead to hair fall.

Both, excess or less thyroid levels leads to hair fall. Get TSH, T3 AND T4 levels checked.

Polycystic ovarian disease: Excess of various hormones – Prolactin, FH, LSH, free testosterone, Insulin etc. leads to conglomeration of hair fall, obesity, acne, and irregular periods.

SOLUTION: A thorough checkup of all hormones and hormonal treatment balances the situation.

  • Androgenic Alopecia:It occurs due to hormone named testosterone. Here the amount of hormone is normal but the hair strands are sensitized to the hormone.Sensitized hair first gets thinned out and finally dies permanently. However it follows different pattern in male and females.

Male: Males start losing hair at the boththe frontal corners. Slowly the hair line recedes backwards.

Male : androgenic alopecia

Female: there is overall thinning of hairand widening of central partition. However there is no balding in women ever.Cheer up ladies!

Female pattern hair loss

SOLUTION:  Minoxidil 5% solution applied over scalp every night on dermatologist prescription would help further regression of hair.

  •  Chemical and heat damage: Advent of new era of hair treatments like rebonding, colouring, straightening comes with sure shot way to damaged hair.

SOLUTION: If you are fond of these treatments, get them only at the lower part of hair and never ever at the hair roots near scalp. Thus, one can prevent damage up to a great extent.

  • Stress: Stress releases various bunch of hormones which are bad for hair and skin.

SOLUTION: Resolve to take ten minutes off for pranayama (deep breathing exercises and meditation, travel to offbeat destinations, make time for your hobbies, write down your worries : it’s a great way to let all the bad emotions out which may be stifling inside making you uneasy.)

  • Recent illness: Any serious episode of illness, typhoid, malaria, surgery, hepatitis etc. will lead to severe hair fall three months after the illness. And not during or immediately after the illness.
  • Post pregnancy:A women gets amazing hair throughout pregnancy because of surge in estrogen hormone. Immediately post-delivery, she suffers from severe hair fall that’s because of sudden withdrawal of hormones. This hairfall lasts for 6 to 18 months. Nothing to panic, it all get normal in due course of time.
  • Crash dieting: Fad for size zero compels many to opt for crash dieting .It severely affects  there nutritional supply leading to hair fall.

SOLUTION: Popping up multivitamin pills to make up for the loss and gorging on healthy diet is the way out.

Hope this helped you figure out your causefor hair fall.


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