Fungus proliferates in moist and damp environment. Thus, most commonly affected sites are under breast, groins and underarms. Sweat accumulates here and ventilation is least. Both these factors provide an excellent breeding ground for fungus to proliferate.

General advice for prevention of skin fungus infection;

  1. Wear loose cotton clothes. Thick fabrics especially denim are made for countries under snow for most of the year i.e. USA and Europe. Wearing them in hot and humid countries like India would lead fungus proliferation. Since they don’t allow skin to be well ventilated. Also, adds to sweat production. That again facilitates fungus proliferation.
  2. Keep the skin dry especially over groin region. Use tissue paper to pat dry after using the washroom. If one let the region wet, it invites fungus growth.
  3. Never ever use steroid based cream to cure skin fungus infection. Betnovate, Candid B, Quardiderm etc. all contains steroids. They do cure your fungus infection initially, but the moment you stop using them, disease flare up like never before. Also the fungus then becomes resistant to anti fungal treatments.
  4. Complete the anti fungal course prescribed by a dermatologist. People get a major relief in the problem after two weeks of treatment. Thus, they stop the treatment. Even though the doctor would have prescribed it for a month. One got relief because 80 percent of the fungus has been killed. What one need to remember is that 20 percent is still left. If one stop the medicine half way this 20 percent would proliferate to become 100 percent. Thus it’s very important to complete the course and stop medicine only after a dermatologist’s advice.
  5. Anti fungal medicines. Combination of oral tablets and creams would be prescribed by the dermatologist. Like Terbinafine, Itraconazole, Grisofulvin etc. Never resort to self medication. It can do more harm than good.
  6. Antifungal soaps containing ketaconazole too are advised for a month.
  7. Potassium permagnate , a pinch should b put in a mug full of water. Pour this over your body as the last rinse. No need to put normal water after this. This too is helpful as an adjuvant therapy when don for a month.

Fungus is infection has become so rampant in India. That it should be declared as an epidemic. People are suffering from it since last 4 to 8 years continuously at stretch. Major reason behind this is misuse of steroids. Steroid creams are easily available over the counter. People use steroid based cream without dermatologist advice on local chemist or friends’s suggestion. Thus , stop doing this. Talk to your dermatologist and take proper treatment.

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