1. Tie your hair. This would prevent colors from reaching the scalp and hair roots.
  2. Wrap a scarf. It looks stylish and at the same time gives protection to hair.
  3. Oil hair if possible .That would make it easy to get rid of color later.
  4. Paint your nails. Again this would prevent color to stain the nails. Once you remove the nail paint, color get removed automatically along with it.
  5. Smear the entire body with coconut oil. It not only prevents color to get into the skin pores but also help get rid of it easily later.
  6. Layer yourself with sunscreen with SPF 30 on top of coconut oil. Follow the 6 table spoon rule: half a tablespoon application on face, neck and both arms each, a full tablespoon over back, chest, and both legs each making it total of 6 tablespoons.  Sun protection is important because wet skin tans easily.
  7. In case of oily face or acne prone skin, avoid coconut oil application on face. Apply a oil free moisturizer instead.
  8. Wear full sleeves clothes if possible. Again this help color in coming direct contact with skin.
  9. Coming to the most important and irritating part: Removing color post holi. Dab cotton in coconut oil and rub wherever the color is. Rub in to and fro direction all over. Pour water Again rub it with new cotton swab dipped in coconut oil. Keep repeating till a significant amount of colour comes out. After last rubbing leave for ten minutes and then just wash it off with soap. Don’t rub soap multiple times in desperate attempt to rid of color. Alkaline PH of soap irritate the already irritated skin.
  10. Women walked into clinic four days after Holi complaining colour not going from skin…Colour gone within minutes after cleaning with cotton dipped in coconut oil
  11. Post holi do apply moisturizers all over body post bathing for few days. This help heal irritating skin.
  12. Avoid, saloon treatments like facials , clean ups , beach and dermatologist’s skin procedure like lasers etc. a week before and after holi.
Skin covered with cloth 
Covered skin saved from colours….

Wishing you a skin –  friendly colorful holi.

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