Hair turning white before forties is a growing concern amongst youth. Continuous formation of oxygen free radicals in body due to stress, nutritional deficiency, heat and chemical exposure etc. is the prime reason. Oxygen free radicals exhaust the black color producing cells in hair giving rise to white hair. Thus, treatment should aim at reducing free radical formation and their continual flushing out from body.


Resorting to various detoxification remedies on regular basis would help flushing them out. Details of various detoxification methods to be done at home are mentioned in our detoxification blog. To reduce their formation following things need to be followed:

1. Stress: Excess work and less energy to accomplish the same give rise to stress. A great deal of energy is lost by over thinking mind. Meditation is the best way to give some rest to mind and restore the lost energy. Pranayam like anulomvilom and kapaalbhati are other deep breathing exercises done regularly help control anxiety a long way.

2. Nutritional deficiency: Especially because of eating too much junk, packed food, bassi/stale food and consuming food kept in fridge or cooked in microwave and cooker.

Try to eat fresh and not bassi food cooked over three hours. Check our food blogs on our website for amazing ways to transform your food habits the healthy way without compromising on taste.

Try to add as much raw food as possible to your diet, vegetable soups, fruit, fruit juices, sprouts etc.

3. Chemical damage by shampoos and saloon treatments like hair colour, rebonding, straightening etc.

Switch to chemical free indigo leaves based hair dyes. Use SLS free shampoos.

4. Heat damage: Use of blow dryer and sun exposure, exposes hair to excessive heat.

To cut down the heat exposure by a blow dryer use the one with attached comb and restrict its use to 15 seconds every day. Using the one with attached comb gives you the advantage of blow drying the entire mane in 15 seconds thus reducing the heat exposure greatly. Cover hair with scarf when out in sun.

5. Another common observation is, people with sinusitis having white hair with greater frequency.

Do pranayam (deep breathing excercises ) regularly to cure sinusitis. Once it’s cured the occurrence of white hair would be halted.


Allopathy doesn’t have an effective cure.

Ayurvedic remedy
1. Take 50 gms of coconut oil, take 5 pieces of amla and heat the oil till amla turns black. Cool oil and store it in a bottle. Apply three times a week overnight before washing it next day.

2. Take 4 table spoon of Amla powder. Add water and lemon juice. Mix till a paste like consistency is formed. Apply for 20 minutes on hair and scalp before head wash. Wash it with plain water avoiding shampoo. Do it twice a week.

3. Eat lots of amla or amla juice every day.

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