Plethora of skin care products are available in market. Right knowledge of the ingredients can help one choose the right products. Skin need is different at different ages. After 30 is the perfect time to start anti ageing regimen. Let me tell you which ingredients shall one look out for.

Morning routine: 

    1. Wash face with SLS free soaps or face wash. SLS is a strong chemical present in soaps, which damages the skin in long run.
    2. Apply a serum or cream containing the following two ingredients:
  1. Hyaluronic acid : It’s a transparent gel already present in our skin. It absorbs 1000 times more water. Thus, keeps the skin hydrated. Also gives the much desired glow to skin. 1 to 2% should be present.
  2. Vitamin C : Also known as ascorbic acid. 15 to 20 percent should be present. It helps skin make new collagen . collagen is the main building block of skin. When it weakens with age, skin becomes loose and friable. Also it reduces facial pigmentation.
  3. On top of you can apply  moisturizer, in case of dry skin. Do a one minute self massage every time you apply a moisturizer. this helps one age gracefully by increasing the blood flow.
  4. Make up can be applied last.

Night routine:

  1. Wash face with SLS free soaps or face wash.
  2. Remove make up with cotton dabbed in alcohol free rose water . Don’t use the commercial make up removers. Avoid as much chemical exposure as possible.
  3. Apply retinoid or tretinoin containing anti – ageing cream. Retinoids is the main ingredient of any anti ageing cream. It’s responsible for collagen boasting in skin. All other ingredients like mulberry extract etc. are adjuvents. They are present good, if not it’s perfectly fine. Don’t use if planning pregnancy, or pregnant.
  4. Moisturizer

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