Not every white patch on skin is vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin disease where white patches form all over skin. The moment anyone sees a white patch, one starts dreading if its vitiligo. This article is written to banish the fear of white patches. For not every white patch is vitiligo.

  1. P. ALBA:White patches with diffuse border are seen in children between 22 to 4 years of age. These mainly occur on face. These occur due to nutritional deficiency.Skin dryness is second main reason for occurrence. Nutritional supplement and moisturizers is all it takes to fade them away.
  2. PITYRIASIS VERSICOLOR: It’s a fungal skin infection. Occur mainly in people living in hot and humid countries like India. Multiple white patches with clear border occur on upper chest or upper back. Antifungal treatment as prescribed by the dermatologist would heal.
  3. VITILIGO:It’s an autoimmune disease where body immune system starts attacking the colour producing skin cells. Thus, giving rise to white patches. There is no reason for its occurrence. Course of the disease is variable. It may remain restricted to certain small patches or may spread to involve larger body areas. Phototherapy and immunosuppressant remain the main line of treatment.
  4. IDIOPATHICGUTTATE HYPOMELANOSIS:  Multiple small white patches occur on arms and leg. Usually affect people in 40’s and 50’s. With age the colour producing cells of skin starts dying. Thus, giving rise to white skin patches. Nothing to fear. There is no cure for it.
  5. POST TRAUMATIC HYPOMELANOSIS: Any skin rash secondary to any cause may leave the skin a shade lighter to darker. Thus a trauma or skin disease can leave white skin patches. If trauma was superficial, skin recovers the colour in due course of time.

CONCLUSION: There can be multiple reasons for white patches on skin .All have different etiology and different treatment . So better consult a dermatologist .

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