Hitting the root cause is the mainstay of treatment for any disease. Curing the symptoms is like cutting the branches. Thus curing symptoms is not going to help in long term.

  1. There is a hormonal and minerals imbalance in body which leads to regular break outs.
  2. Increased cortisone: Stress leads to increased cortisone. Excessive cortisone leads to acne break out.  Regular meditation is the cure. Releasing the stress by writing it down is the solution.
  • Increased estrogen: Increased intake of genetically modified food especially soybean, corns, milk leads to increased estrogen. Increased estrogen is one of the main factors which lead to repeated breakouts.

Most commonly genetically modified foods are:

  1. Milk: Everybody in India is consuming packed milk. That’s mainly taken from exotic breed of cows. Milk taken from indigenous breeds of cow is healthy and safe. If one can have access to that milk, then only consume milk. Else skip milk altogether.
  2. Stop earning cornflakes in morning breakfast. For they are made of genetically modified corn.
  3. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener. Avoid it all cost.
  4.  Papaya, tomato, potato, rice are other food items which are majorly GMO. Take care to buy the non GMO variety. That is, buy as far as possible organic or naturally grown fruits and vegetables.
  • Increased androgen:  Androgen levels can rise in body as part of PCOD syndrome. Polycystic ovarian disease is a kind of hormonal imbalance in body where excessive androgen is produced.
  • Basically estrogen gets converted into androgen in fatty tissues. Thus weight loss is the ideal treatment for PCOD.

D.  Low zinc: Low levels of zinc in body are yet another reason for acne breakouts. Too much indulgence in carbohydrate rich food like: pastas, pizzas, cakes, cokes etc. also depletes body of its zinc stores. So get your zinc levels checked. In case found low have diet rich in zinc. Like

Meat eggs, shellfish, seeds: pumpkin, whole grains, legumes, beans,

  • Low Vitamin A: Vitamin A deficiency is yet another cause of acne breakouts. Get your Vitamin a levels checked. In case found low have food rich in same.
  • STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE AGAIN AND AGAIN:Unknowing we keep touching our face several times a day.  Thus, transferring bacteria to face.
  • AVOID USING OILY SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: Let your moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen have Non –  Comedogenic written on them.
Check for Non Comedogenic Labels on Skin Care Products 
  • That means they are water based not oil based. Already skin is producing excessive oil,layering it up with further oil would just aggravate the problem.
  • FIND OUT WHICH FOOD GIVES RISE TO ACNE IN YOUR CASE: Different people get acne after consuming different  food items. Some get it after fried, some after sweet, some after spicy, milk, tea, dry fruits.
  • Find out your culprit food item by observation and stop eating that particular food.

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