We all want or shall I say crave for a glowing skin. Let’s first understand what brings a skin glow and the mechanism to get it?

Any surface which reflects light smoothly or coherently would appear shiny. In contrast a surface which reflects light haphazardly in different directions, would appear dull and non shiny.

Thus, to get a skin glow first requirement is a smooth surface. Smoother the surface, better the glow. How do we make our skin smooth?

Superficial layer of skin is dead and uneven. This needs to be exfoliated to get a smoother surface.

Best way to exfoliate it is by peel off peels. A medicine is applied on your skin, so that skin visibly peels off after few days. Thus, leaving a smooth skin behind.

Either retinoid or TCA based peels are applied. They can be dangerous if not applied properly. Consulting a good dermatologist is recommended.

Secondly, any dehydrated surface is uneven .Any surface which absorbs water gets smoothened out. One can understand this with the analogy of comparing dehydrated skin with a raisin and a well hydrated skin with a fresh grape.

Our next target to get a glowing skin to increase the water content in skin. What retains water in skin?

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance present in skin which absorbs 10,000 times more water. Thus, responsible for keeping skin hydrated.

People which naturally glowing skin have high amount of hyaluronic acid in their skin.  On the other hand, people with dry skin have lesser amount of same in their skin, making it look dull and lusterless.

How to increase hyaluronic acid content in skin? Hyaluronic acid 2mg/ml can be infused inside skin with the help of a dermaroller.

Derma roller is a hand held device which when rubbed over skin in to and fro moment creates micro channels in skin. After which skin glow serums are rubbed over skin. They penetrate deep inside skin through these channels.  Post penetration, it remains there for long. Absorbs water and makes skin look bright.


Micro needling with derma roller has added advantage that it stimulates skin to form new collagen. Collagen is the main building block of the skin. It’s responsible for its strength and tautness. As new collagen forms, skin gets tighter and brighter. Tighter skin reflects light better adding to kin lusture.

Dull Dry Skin 
Skin Glow after the treatments 

CONCLUSION:  Combination of above two methods:

Peel off peels to exfoliate superficial dead layer of skin

Infusion of hyaluronic acid in skin which absorbs 10,000 times more water

and micro needling which boosts collagen, is a sure shot wayto skin glow.

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