No one modality would help treat pimples scars. Scars come in all sizesThey vary in depth, width, length and surface changes. Accordingly the treatment modality is chosen. Following treatments are available. Permutation and combination works best. So, let your dermatologist chose the best for you.


  1.  Every scar can be made less visible but never invisible. Nobody can erase 100 percent appearance of scars. Improvement up to 60 to 90 percent can be expected depending upon the initial scar appearance.
  2. Improvement takes time. Number of sessions is required done at 15 to 30 days interval.So around 2 to 8 months can be required for improvement.
  3. Procedure is rendered comfortable by prior application of numbing creams. So don’t worry about pain factor.
  4. Make sure to get it done by a qualified dermatologist only. For only a dermatologist would be having an in depth knowledge of all the modalities. Never get it done by Ayurvedic doctor or a spa.

Various treatment modalities for scar treatments are:

  1. Shouldering of Margins: The margin of the scars are ablated or burnt out. So that punched out scar becomes saucer shaped. Thus it’s less visible. Brown crusts are formed for few days post treatment which falls off owns it’s own.
  • Surgical Excision and Suturing: The scarred skin is cut and margins sutured together. Thinnest possible suture is used so it doesn’t leave suture marks. Sutures are removed after seven days.
  • Fractional Radiofrequency:  Micro needles and Radiofrequency both gets inside skin. They break the old scar tissue and stimulate skin to form new collagen. As new collagen forms it keeps filling the scars from beneath. As bricks form walls, collagen is the main building block of the skin.
  • Derma roller: Derma roller is a small hand held devicewith micro needles all around. It’s rub on skin in to and fro direction. Needles piercing the skin break the old scar tissue. Also micro injuries to skin stimulate the skin to form new collagen. Thus, healing the scars.
  • Derma pen:  Derma pen is a hand held device with projects out micro needles in skin. It also works on the same principal as derma roller.
  • PRP: PRP stands for platelet rich plasma.Person own is taken, growth factor separated from it.Growth factors are injected into scars.
  • Co2 ablative Laser: Co2 fractional laser burns or ablates skin in multiple channels in criss cross pattern. New skin fills the ablated skin columns. Thus, healing the scars.
  • Non ablative laser: Non ablative laser are milder version of ablative laser. They also ablates the skin in multiple channels in criss cross pattern. But is lesser strong stimulus as compared to ablative ones. Thu post healing time after every session is less compared to ablative ones.


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