One often wonders what should one apply to delay signs of ageing ?

The main ingredient  of all anti ageing creams is – Vitamin A. It’s also called retinoid. Main retinoid present in majority of anti ageing creams is – tretinoin.

As wall is made of bricks, skin is made up of collagen. Collagen is the main strength providing block of skin. As collagen becomes weak, skin becomes loose.  Ageing, sun, stress, junk foo , lack of exercise are the key causative reasons behind collagen weakening.

Vitamin A or retinoids boosts new collagen production. As new collagen forms skin becomes tight and bright. It also keeps exfoliating the superficial dead layer of skin. The pigment formed due to excessive sun exposure sheds off with superficial dead skin. Thus,  keeping the pigmentory changes under check.

Few things to be kept in mind:

One needs to apply it for few months before appreciating  visible results.

It has to be applied only at night, not during day time.

Not be applied when pregnant.

Anybody after 28 years can start applying it.

Apply it in very little quanity.

In case one feels dry after its application, apply a moisturizer immediately above it.

It’s best to immediately follow it up with one minute massage in upward, outward direction .Use any good moisturizer. That completes the night anti ageing at home regimen.

Other ingredients:

Other ingredients of anti ageing creams acts as adjuvant. It’s better if they are also there. If not,  it’s okay. Just make sure retinoid is always there. Other ingredients present are:

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Hyaluronic Acid
  3. Vitamin E
  4. Ferulic acid
  5. Vitamin K
  6. Hexapeptides

So do apply anti ageing creams at night regularly to delay sign of ageing.

Few of the recommended brands of anti ageing cream are as follow:

  1. Revibra A 15 cream by Dr. Reddy’s
  2. EGA cream by Curatio
  3. Retilift cream by Apple
  4. Rezoxy night cream by Palson.
  5. Reticuram by Fixderma


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