Chicken pox scars can be devastating. Know it’s Prevention and treatment.

A lady aged 32 entered my cabin. On being questioned about her skin concern, she busted into tears.

She suffered chicken pox a month ago. This left a lots of marks especially on her face. She couldn’t accept this sudden change on her beautiful face.
I was imagining what if I were in her place. Yes, it could be devastating. Beauty gone overnight is no joke.

Good part is I could console her that with medical science, we can cure her scars upto 70 percent . It didn’t sound like music to her ears. She  wanted them gone totally. I continued with my coy selling trying to bring her attention to acne scars in her face. She had them since long which somehow never bothered her . Well if can make these chicken pox scars as light as these acne scars which never bothered you till now, will it be okay ?

Nothing could console her. I know only the real results will. But as she left the chamber I just wished she had visited me earlier. I could have put her on medicines which would have made chicken pox rashes leave lesser scars. Thus, I thought of penning down this article so that others don’t have to ungersi the same ordeal. Here is the list of don’t during chicken pox. Follow them if you don’t want your loved ones to undergo same :

1. Don’t keep touching your chicken pox marks.

2. Use an antibiotic ointment on them to avoid superseded bacterial infection. This prevents scarring upto an extent. Secondary bacteria infection means more destruction and thus

3. Start antiviral treatment early . Again this ensures lesser viral kid thus lesser destruction of underlying skin .

4. May be a course of oral steroids only as prescribed by a dermatologist could reduce the inflammation  and thus scarring .

Even after following above mentioned measures , some scarring is bound to happen. After accomplishing the first goal of making chicken pox rashes leave minimum of scarring, next starts the treatment of scars.

Rule number one: Start the chicken pox scar treatment early. Earlier the better. Reason being  immature scars responds better.

Their are various modalities available for treating chicken pox scars. Choice of treatment depends upon the depth, size and site of scar .

1. Oral course of retinoids prescribed for three months helps.

2. Microneedling sessions are a great help. They boost skin to produce new collagen and elastin production. Yes it’s a safe. It’s comfortable since done after local anaesthesia.


3. PRP. It stands for platelet rich plasma. Person own is withdrawn. Processed and growth factors separated. These growth factors are then. Injected into skin. This helps skin to heal better.

4. At times, especially when scars are old, surgical excision is the best way. The damaged skin is excited and sutured. Suture used is the thinnest possible so it hardly leaves any marks. Idea is to make scar look less visible.

Remember whichever the modality nobody on earth can erase chicken pox scar or any scar for that matter by 100 percent. Reduced appearance by upto 70 percent is expected. One can achieve the same in safe manner. And whatever results one achieve stay for life .

Before I close the article would like to mention of a couple who visited me recently. A man with a very beautiful wife came for consultation. Man wasn’t happy with one or two chicken pox scars on her very beautiful wife’s face. Scars were hardly visible. Wife was least bothered by same. And I was left wondering does this guy love her even by a bit or is she just a trophy to be showcased in front of world .

Do care about what actually is bothersome and what can be and should be treated. Because does matter . But at the same time don’t  get finicky about beauty. You are much more than your outer self .

With love and care Dr. Anvika


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