Acne Peels


1. Oil glands in skin releases oil though ducts. These ducts open on skin surface. Oil, dust and dead skin clogs these ducts.

2. This leads to oil collection in skin. Hormones also leads to excessive oil production.

3. Accumulated oil provides a breeding ground for the skin bacteria to proliferate. Excessive population of bacteria produces certain substances.

These substances lead inflammation, redness and swelling. This  is seen as acne.

Frequently Asked Questions

Antibiotics and retinoids are the main line of treatment.

Antibiotics kill the acne causing bacteria.

Retinoids: they reduce the excessive oil production in skin.

Fruit peels are advised for early and better results.

Peel are concentrated fruit acid extracts.

When applied to skin, exfoliates superficial dead skin with all its impurities..

Peel (a liquid) is applied with a brush all over face.

After few minutes it’s neutralized with a neutralizer spray .

Person is ready to resume normal life immediately post peels

It has a three way approach:

1. Peel seeps into the oil glands and reduces oil production.
2. Removes the top most dead layer of skin thereby unclogging the pores.

3. Kills the bacteria causing acne.

Help reduce the marks left behind by the acne by removing the top dead layer. Dead layer has the pigment and discolouration embedded in it. when its removed , blemishes are also gone with it.

Around four to six session scheduled at 10 to 14 days interval should suffice to give god results.

Reduction of acne and a clearer skin in subsequent sessions.


Yes, provided done by an expert using good quality peels.

No, peels just remove the top most superficial dead layer of skin which should be removed frequently.

New skin keeps forming from beneath, replacing the old skin. It’s a lifelong process.

In fact, by removing the dead skin, one makes way for the newer healthy skin.

CONCLUSION: Acne can be treated with retinoids and antibiotics. Fruit Acid peel helps achieve faster results. They also help get rid of marks.

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