Cheek Fat Pad Removal

V shaped face always looks better than rounded lower face. To achieve the same the fat pads in cheeks needs to be removed. Cheek fat pad is resistant to exercise and dieting. Thus one needs to resort surgical way.


Frequently Asked Questions

Cheek fat pad is removed by following steps:

Local anesthesia is given inside the cheeks.

A small nick is given inside the cheek less than a cm.

Fat is extruded.

Nick is sutured.

Sutures are removed on 7 th day.


Since no major structures are there at the region of procedure, risk involved is minimal. Risk of infection is taken care by antibiotics post surgery.

Around an hour for both sides

A short course of antibiotics is given.

Cold or room temperature food and drinks for next 48 hours.

Cold packs few times a day for next 48 hours.

Warm packs for next 5 days after 48 hours.

If one doesn’t indulge in overeating, fat pads once removed are gone forever.

Just have high calorie diet to help body deposit the new fat.

No it won’t hurt. Slight pain may or may not be there. It can be taken care very easily with normal pain killers.

Immediately after surgery slight swelling develops masking the effect of surgery. Thus final results are appreciated 7 to 15 days after the surgery.


Summary: Cheek fat pad removal is a an in office procedure to remove excessive fat off your face in safe and effective manner.  Removal of cheek fat pads removes heaviness thus years off your face making you look younger. Also since V shaped lower face is preferred over oval lower face , it adds to one’s beauty.

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