Corn Removal

Corn Removal

Anybody who has lost hair, and scalp beneath is visible can resort to hair transplant. People get it done to restore the frontal hairline, to increase the hair density and also to restore all the lost hair to cover up baldness.

Individual hair from the back side of scalp are extracted, little holes are dig on the frontal bald region and then each extracted hair are put inside these holes to cover up the baldness.

Individual hair being extracted from back of scalp.

Extracted hair being implanted in front of scalp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Person can immediately return to work post surgery. There is no need for rest..

The transplanted hair would all shed off in next 21 days post surgery, but the hair root planted inside the skin would be well taken up by the skin. Two months later the new hair would sprout from the hair roots and would reach full length in another 4 to 6 months. So, best results are seen 6 months post surgery.

If done by an expert, the procedure as such doesn’t have any side- effects since everything is done under local anesthesia. Little bit of swelling post surgery for 2 to 3 days might be seen in few patients which is nothing to worry about. Chances of infection are there, only if proper precautions are not taken care of.

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