Ear Lobule Repair

Ear Lobule Repair

The elongated ear lobule is anesthetized by giving local anesthesia. Post that person won’t feel any pain. With a scalpel (surgical knife), margins of the elongated lobule are cut and then sutured together with suture. Sutures are left in place for ten days and then removed after 10 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, one can get the ear pierced at the same place or at any other place and wear the earrings.

Usually after 30 days post-surgery area is healed well. We advise a person to wear the earrings 3 months post-surgery so that skin has regained it’s maximum strength.

Since the procedure is done after giving local anesthesia, person doesn’t feel any pain during or post-surgery.

Post-surgery only tiny stitches would be visible on the repaired ear lobule. There is no dressing, no pain. And person can resume normal activities immediately after surgery.

No, the final strength of the healed lobule would be much better when done with stitches , rather than glue.

It takes around 20 minutes to repair each elongated hole.

Summary : Elongated ear lobule can be repaired permanently by a twenty minutes procedure done by cutting and suturing . A new earning can be worn at the same place.

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