Melasma Peels

Black patches occurring generally on cheeks in middle aged females is called melasma. It’s commonly known as chayian in Hindi. Its a type of facial pigmentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interplay of female hormones is the main reason for its occurrence. Thus is usually seen during and after pregnancy when female hormones peaks. That’s why Occurs mostly in women . Can occur in men too with male:female ratio being 1:9. Other predisposing factors are oral contraceptive pills, excessive exposure to sunlight, genetic predisposition, stress,some medicines etc. Many times it just occur without any reason.

Skin lightening creams containing hydroquinone and retinoid do play an important role in treatment of melasma. Apart from that, peels, lasers or mesotherapy help achieve results in resistant and difficult cases. People opt for them to achieve earlier and better results too. Antioxidants intake also plays a role. Sunprotection is a must to achieve results.

Peels is a liquid which when applied on skin, helps peel off the superficial layer of the skin. As it peels it takes off the impurities and melanin (black pigment) embedded in it, thus leading to clearer skin. Formation of new skin is a continuous process, so the peeled off layer is replaced by the new skin layer formed from beneath which is cleaner and fresher.


Really not, if done under an experts guidance.

Generally 3 to 5 sessions don at every 15 days interval is required.

Recurrence is a rule in melasma. Once melasma is cleared off after treatment, one can prevent it from recurring by using certain creams and peels taken at frequency prescribed by the doctor.

SUMMARY: MELASMA or facial pigmentation or chaiyaan can be treated effectively with combination of creams and peels by a dermatologist.

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