Microblading Eyebrows

Freckles are tiny black spots seen generally on face. However they can be seen on chest and other sun exposed regions of body too. They are primarily formed in fair skin people post excessive sun exposure. Some people have genetic predisposition to get them i.e. even with dark complexion they may get after minimum sun exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Their prevention can be achieved with proper sun protective measures.

No pill would work. Dipigmentory creams would bring about 10 to 20 % lightening of freckles but never complete clearance. So lasers are a much better alternative.

Yes, immediately post treatment there would be redness and swelling around each freckle where laser shot as been given. It would be totally gone by next day morning. Tiny black crust would appear at each spot, which would fall own it’s own in 5 to 7 days time leaving clear skin behind.

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