Micropigmentation Scalp

Micropigmentation Scalp

Getting rid of unwanted hair is everybody’s dream. There purpose has been served long back to protect skin from cold when man used to live without clothes. Thus, one can safely remove them forever with laser to get smooth silky hair free skin. Few hair scattered over human body serves no purpose. Also to avoid frequent trips to saloon and to get freedom to wear whatever one wants any time, every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Black color is known to absorb light. Laser hair reduction works on the same principle. Laser light is absorbed by the black color of the hair root, post which it gets heated up and burnt. Thus, one sees gradual reduction in hair density.

Around 8 sessions are required to achieve 80 % reduction in hair growth. Sessions are scheduled at 4 to 8 weeks interval.

There are three stages of hair growth – Anagen, Catagen, Telogen. At any particular time hair are at different stages of hair growth. Maximum black color is only in anagen hair. So only the hair which is at anagen stage gets killed in single session. Hair keeps rotating from one stage to another, so as it reaches anagen stage and laser is given, it absorbs light and dies. Thus, multiple sessions are required.

After the initial results are achieved post 8 sessions, a laser session at around once a year is required henceforth for the achieved results to be maintained forever. Thus, if one is regular with maintenance sessions, results once achieved are permanent.

Laser Hair Reduction Results

A reduction in hair density by 80%. Whatever hair is left are thinned out to a great extent.

Yes, it’s very safe provided done by under doctor’s supervision using US FDA approved lasers. Don’t get it done by Chinese or Korean lasers- safety is reduced.  It’s safe because, laser doesn’t penetrate few millimeters beyond skin. Thus, all underlying organs are rendered safe. It’s safe to get it done on bikini too.

Not really. Slight heat and pin prick sensation is felt which can be easily tolerated by any person.

No, mild redness and swelling might occur post laser which goes off in ten minutes.

US FDA approved diode laser is the best.

Always get it done from a dermatologist using US FDA approved diode laser. Never ever get it done from a non – medico using Chinese lasers.

Don’t wax or pluck hair over area where one needs to get the laser done. Post laser sunscreens and moisturizers are prescribed.

Once the person walks into the clinic, the region where one wants laser is shaved and then laser shots are given all over the region. Smaller areas like chin, upper lips etc. would take five minutes, full body may take 2 to 3 hours.

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