Mole Removal

There is no specific reason behind their occurrence. Genetically predisposed individuals have higher tendency to get them. Anyone can get mole. And new ones can keep occurring throughout life.

Frequently Asked Questions

A person seeks mole removal mainly for cosmetic reason. Only in certain cases when there is either rapid enlargement in size or development of pain or ulcer, one seeks it’s removal to rule out possibility of developing skin cancer. Any ways, in Indians this possibility is extremely rare.

Co2 ablative laser or radiofrequency is used to ablate the mole. Both have similar efficacy. Only for very large moles, surgical excision and suturing is required. A very fine linear scar remains in case of suturing.Which anyways, looks much better than original large mole.

In case the mole’s origin is limited to superficial layers of the skin, mole can be removed without leaving a scar.
But if it’s deep inside the skin, deep excavation may leave a fine scar. However it would be smaller and cosmetically better than the mole.

Since it’s done after local anesthesia, procedure is rendered comfortable.

Immediately post procedure, there would be slight redness and swelling around the moles where laser shots have been given. Person can immediately resume work post procedure, though complete healing of skin would take 5 to 7 days. Thus a local antibiotic application is prescribed for 5 to 7 days.


They might or might not recur, depending on their initial depth of origin. In case some part is left which was deep rooted, recurrence might happen. If it was removed in total, being superficial in origin, and nothing deep is left behind, there won’t be any recurrence.