Non Surgical Face Lift

Non Surgical Face Lift

Anybody who has lost hair, and scalp beneath is visible can resort to hair transplant. People get it done to restore the frontal hairline, to increase the hair density and also to restore all the lost hair to cover up baldness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Individual hair from the back side of scalp are extracted, little holes are dig on the frontal bald region and then each extracted hair are put inside these holes to cover up the baldness.

Individual hair being extracted from back of scalp.

Extracted hair.

Extracted hair being implanted in front of scalp.

Person can immediately return to work post surgery. There is no need for rest.

The transplanted hair would all shed off in next 21 days post surgery, but the hair root planted inside the skin would be well taken up by the skin. Two months later the new hair would sprout from the hair roots and would reach full length in another 4 to 6 months. So, best results are seen 6 months post surgery.

If done by an expert, the procedure as such doesn’t have any side- effects since everything is done under local anesthesia. Little bit of swelling post surgery for 2 to 3 days might be seen in few patients which is nothing to worry about. Chances of infection are there, only if proper precautions are not taken care of.

Since the entire procedure is done under local anesthesia, patient feels no pain. No there is no pain after anesthesia effect wanes off. Only when the anesthesia is injected at the onset of the surgery, little pain is felt, nothing after that. Patient can be busy watching the screen and talk throughout the procedure.

Yes, the implanted hair if take care well off as per the doctors instructions lasts for decades all together. Though mild thinning and loss of around 20% may happen over time.

A water spray is given to patient which patient is suppose to spray every hour during day time for next ten day. Special instructions are given as to how to shampoo the hair. Patient is advised to wear a surgical cap for next three days over which one can wear the normal cap. Person can wear a normal cap the very next day and return to work. All transplanted hair would shed off in next 21 days and new ones would start erupting in 6 month’s time.

Antibiotics to keep infection at bay.  A mild and short course of steroids to heal swelling.  Multivitamins and  Minoxidil spray for hair growth.

As far as the person is healthy, hair transplant can be done in any age group right from 25 years to 70 years of age.

Depending upon the degree of baldness, somewhere around 3 to 6 thousand hair roots are required. A hair root may have one to four hair.

One must have observed that, in a bald person hair at back and side of scalp are still present. That’s because they are not under the influence of hormones so they don’t shed off. Hair present at back and sides are called donor area. Hair from this region is extracted and implanted to front.

No, that’s just not the possibly. Body would reject those  hair and won’t grow them.

FUT, a strip of skin from back of scalp is cut. Hair are then extracted by keeping the extracted skin under the microscope. And skin at back is sutured. Sutures are removed after a week. 

In FUE, no skin strip is taken off, individual hair are extracted. There is no need for any post surgical suturing. Thus there is no post surgical scar. Back of the scalp heels own it’s own after a week’s time.

FUT method of hair transplant, where strip of skin is extracted from back, and then individual hair are extracted from it.

In that case hair from beard and chest can be extracted. But the quality is not as good as of scalp hair. Beard hair are still okay to be implanted, chest hair are thin and long so doesn’t look that aesthetically pleasing.

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