PRP For Hair Growth

Non – surgical hair thinning treatments compromises of 3 things:

  1. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
  2. Vitamins injections
  3. Dermaroller

Frequently Asked Questions

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. Person’s own blood is withdrawn (around 37 ml) and processed in a lab. Processing  separates yellow colored platelet rich plasma from red color blood cells. Platelet rich plasma is then immediately  injected into the hair roots. The whole procedure of withdrawing blood, processing it and re injecting it back into the hair roots takes around and hour.


Platelets are the native ingredients  blood .Platelets are full of growth factors (growth factors are tonic for hair growth). Platelets  when injected into the hair roots releases a plethora of growth factors. Growth factors when injected into hair roots directly, leads to healthy hair growth.

Advantages of the procedure are that it’s a natural procedure: persons own grown factors are injected. Secondly 100% of the growth factors is directly given to hair roots. Thus, no wastage.

                                           PRP being injected into scalp

Derma roller is a small device having micro needles all around it (as shown in the picture below). It when rolled to and fro over scalp helps release growth factors from skin. This helps hair growth. Also, it creates micro channels on scalp. So  hair serums when spread over scalp penetrates deep into skin.


Hair vitamin injections  are commercially available serums containing various vitamins, minerals and  growth factors necessary for hair growth. They are injected into hair roots at weekly intervals. Advantage over oral vitamins is that: in oral intake only a small percentage reaches hair roots. When directly injected into hair roots, 100% of the medicine reaches hair roots. Thus, better results.

PRP: around 3 sessions done 3 weeks a part. Each session takes an hour.

Derma roller with vitamin injections: 8 sessions done at once a week interval. Each session takes around 15 minutes.

Person can resume normal life immediately after procedure. No there would be no pain later.

PRP is done after injecting local anesthesia so is rendered comfortable.

Dermaroller entails certain amount of pain but it lasts only for five minute. Pain is only  during the procedure and is very much bearable.

No, there are absolutely no side effectsSince we never penetrate beyond skin, possibility of side effects is not there.

  1. Hair fall stops.
  2. Thinned hair becomes thicker, thus giving better scalp coverage.
  3. Lastly, in case the hair roots were lying dormant under skin, they get activated and person sees new hair growth. But if hair root are dead, no new hair growth would be witnessed. There is no way that we can gauge beforehand only if the hair roots are dead or dormant.

Once the desired results are achieved after the initial sessions,  home care  instructions are advised.  Maintenance sessions at rate of 4 times a year are advised henceforth. i.e. with single derma roller, vitamin injections and single PRP session once every three month, results are long lasting.