Skin Glow Treatment

With passing years facial skin sags down due to constant pull of gravity. Also, the building blocks of the skin (collagen and elastic fibers which are responsible for its tautness) breaks down with regular sun exposure, pollution, stress and other factors leading to loosening of skin , dull skin and development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Few sessions of fractional radiofrequency with skin glow serums is the best treatment. Saloon procedures and at home creams and cosmetics can’t bring this effect because both are very superficial. They don’t penetrate deep into skin to bring about any real results. Since radiofrequency actually goes into skin it heals and repairs it to bring that tautness and glow.

Fractional radiofrequency is a machine where an array of fine micro needles is passed into the skin which releases radiofrequency waves deep into skin. This breaks down the old collagen and boosts the skin to produce new collagen. New collagen and elastic fibers thus formed tightens the skin giving a pulled up, taught and youthful skin.

              Microneedling Radiofrequency

After the person walks into the clinic, numbing cream is applied on entire face for an hour. Then fractional radiofrequency shots are given covering the entire face which takes around half an hour. Redness and swelling is expected post procedure which wanes off completely in an hour to 24 hours time. Post procedure immediately person can resume normal life.

Around four sessions done at once a month interval are required.

It’s a very safe procedure, provided done under doctor’s supervision using US FDA approved machines. These procedures are safe because there penetration is limited to skin. Since they don’t penetrate beyond skin, all internal organs are rendered very safe. Radiofrequency energy is not radiations which penetrate deep.

Since done after application of numbing cream procedure is rendered comfortable.

Visible tightness and brightness of the skin can be appreciated immediately post procedure which just keeps getting better with time. Because new collagen fibers keep forming for next six months post procedure.


New collagen once formed would remain for life. But would be subjected to factors leading to ageing like passing years and sun, thus results would deteriate after a year or so. One single session is advised per year after the initial three sessions to maintain the results.

Not at all. Taking healthy diet for a year would keep you in best of energy and spirits. Resorting back to junk food after a year would leave you back to zero or may be at +1 but never at – 1. Thus, there is no dependency of skin on laser. Getting repeat sessions is always out of choice never out of dependency.

No. Health first, beauty later. All these cosmetic treatments only after decades of research and after being found safe for long term on human beings get US FDA approval. Thus, they all are safe and don’t have any short term or long term side effects.

Mild redness post treatment may last for an hour to 24 hours post treatment. At times mild tiny brown crust may be seen at certain places, the next day after procedure . They fall off own their own in 3 to 5 days time leaving clear skin behind.

Regular use of sunscreen for a week is advised. And saloon treatments like bleach, facials etc. are to be avoided for a week. Better to avoid swimming also for a week post treatment because of the high chlorine content in water which might irritate the skin.

We use radiofrequency machine by ENDYMED. One can Google out to see its one the world’s best machine. It’s used by best of the dermatologist across the globe. Famous footballer – David Bekham, hollywood actress Kim Kardarshan trusts Endymed radiofrequency for skin rejuvenation.

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