Stretch Marks Treatment

Sudden stretching of skin during certain phases of life like – pregnancy, teenage growth spurt, weight gain etc. leads to formation of stretch marks. When Skin doesn’t get time to adjust to rapid and massive skin changes, collagen fibers in skin tear apart– (collagen are the building block of the skin) .This leads to formation of white stripes known as stretch marks.

Frequently Asked Questions

By keeping the skin hydrated. Apply moisturizers two to three times a day. Never scratch the skin. Resist your temptation to scratch the skin during pregnancy. Opt for slow and gradual body building if hitting the gym.

Few sessions of fractional radiofrequency done by the doctor would reduce their appearance by up to 60%.

No. Torn collagen needs to be broken and be replaced by new collagen. Only this can lead to reduction in their appearance. No amount of creams can do this job since they cannot penetrate deep enough in the skin to bring about the desired results. Bio -oil and other scar reduction creams just don’t work.

Radiofrequency boosts skin to make new collagen. Also it breaks old torn collagenNew collagen slowly replaces the old collagen .New collagen being firm gradually tightens the skin leading to decreased appearance of stretch marks.

Around 4 to 6 sessions scheduled at once a month interval are generally required.

A reduction up to 60% can be expected after desired  number of sessions are done.

Yes, absolutely provided done by a doctor using US FDA approved machines. Also remember the fact that radiofrequency doesn’t penetrate beyond skin so all internal organs are rendered safe.

Since done after application of numbing cream, procedure is rendered pretty comfortable for everyone.

Results once obtained are permanent.

No. Health first, beauty later. All these cosmetic treatments only after decades of research and after being found safe for long term on human beings  get US – FDA approval. Thus they all are safe and don’t have any short term or long term side effects.

Regular use of moisturizers and sunscreens for few weeks is advised post procedure.

When person walks into the clinic, numbing cream is applied for an hour. Post that radiofrequency shots are given all over stretch marks which takes around 20 to 30 minutes depending upon the number of marks. Post which person can return home.

Mild swelling and redness appears post procedure which completely wanes off in an hour.

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