Wart Removal

Tiny, discrete rough looking outgrowths on skin, which can occur anywhere on body, are called warts. They occur due to viral invasion in skin through some cut. Virus slowly proliferates inside skin giving rise to rough outgrowths called warts.

Frequently Asked Questions

They need to be removed to stop their further spread. If not removed, virus would spread to nearby skin giving rise to newer warts.

Co2 ablative laser or radiofrequency would burn off the wart leaving normal skin behind.

Cream would lead to extremely slow removal of warts. This gives virus time to spread further to the nearby skin forming of newer warts.

No, it won’t pain it’s since done after giving local anesthesia.

No, It won’t leave a scar.

In case virus has already spread to nearby skin, new warts can appear. They need to be taken out as soon as they appear thereby eliminating their chance of further spread.

Yes, it’s very safe provided done by an expert using higher end machines.

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