1. Pimples affects only teenage: False.  Acne or pimples can affect all age groups. Right from a one year old child to middle age to old people. Though reasons of occurrence can be different. In teenage it’s more of over activity of oil glands, in middle age they occur under influence of androgenic hormones.
  2. Bursting them would help them heal faster: False. Never burst acne. Bursting them is a sure shot way to invite a scar.
  3. I use anti - pimple face wash, still I get them: Face wash is not the complete treatment. It’s just 5 % of the treatment. Proper cream and oral pills as prescribed by your dermatologist would help. 
  4.  Anti – pimple facials would work: False. Cream and massage is a big no for pimples. Thus keep steer away from facials when you have acne, else t would surely flare.
  5. Betnovate is the treatment : False. Betnovate is a steroid which may initially cure acne, but the moment you leave it, explosive flare up of acne would happen. If one uses Betnovate for long, it may lead to excessive hair growth and permanent darkening of face. 
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