Why does nail turn brittle? - Dr Anvika

Why does nail turn brittle?

  1. Chemical damage
  1. A) Regular use of nail polish, nail polish remover, acrylic and gel nails would gradually make nail brittle.
  2. B) Regular use of harsh soap and detergents
  1. Hormonal imbalance Nutritional deficiency: Lack of essential nutrients like biotin, iron calcium etc. 
  2.  Thyroid abnormalities (both hyper and hypothyroid) would lead to brittle nails.
  3. Others:  Excessive wetting of hands 


  • Nutritious diet: Diet rich in essential nutrients: dates, sprouts, amla, almonds, walnuts, flax seeds etc. would help. 
  • Castor oil: Apply castor oil on nails at night before going to bed.
  • Biotin tablets: 5mg /day for three months as prescribed by your doctor would help too.
    1. Reduce the frequency of acrylic and gel nail manicures: Lesser the chemical exposure the better it is.
    2. Use mild soaps: Use SLS free soaps for hand wash and bathing. Dove or Cetaphil cleansing lotion are good options. Ditch soaps like Dettol, lux , lifeboy etc. for they have a harmful chemical SLS. 
    3. Get thyroid levels checked: In case found disrupted, consult a physician to rectify the   same. 
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