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Face fat

Question in Detail

Hii, my name is Akshay.
I am 20 years old
I am very skinny but my face is very fat
I reduce the salt intake and have 4 leter water from last 2 month
I am eating healthy and going to gym every day
but my face fat is not reducing
What can I do mam,
Can I reduce this fat without surgery ?
Please tell me🙏🙏
What are the causes of this fat
Please reply

Answer by Dr. Anvika Mittal

Fat dissolving injections can be done on face. they contain phosphetidyl choline and deoxycholic acid. These are commercially prepared but are similar to enzymes released by gall bladder to dissolve fatty food. Around 4 session done once a month would suffice. Safe and cost effective . Results are long lasting . Doesn’t pain. Pls call 8287001211 for details.
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