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Dermato Surgery

Dermato Surgery

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Ingrown Toe Nail Removal, Vitiligo Surgery, Hair Transplant, Cyst Removal, Lipoma Removal, Ear Lobule Repair , Scar Revision Surgery , Autologous Fat Transfer for Anti Ageing.

How it works

Scar Revision Surgery : Broad and deep scar is best removed with surgery. Scarred skin is cut and thrown, surrounding normal is sutured together with finest possible sutures which hardly leave any scar. Finally a thin linear mark is left along the skin joining path . This linear scar looks way better than the original scar .

Moles : are removed the similar way.

So is Xantholesma : Fat deposits on upper and lower eyelids.

Elongated Ear Lobules due to heavy earrings can be sutured together under local anaesthesia.

Procedure details

Dermato surgery are minor day time surgery which are done under local anaesthesia . No hospital admission , and patient can return to routine activities soon after the surgery.

The sutures used in Dermato - Surgery are the finest, thus, they don't leave any mark.

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