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Face Pigmentation : ND Yag Laser , Erbium Glass Laser & Mesotherapy

Face Pigmentation : ND Yag Laser , Erbium Glass Laser & Mesotherapy

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We do combination treatment in every session to reduce the stubborn skin darkness. 

Nd :Yag laser, Erbium Glass lasers and pigment dissolving injections into skin , all are at done together in every session to reduce the pigmentation . 

Single modalities fail to resolve the stubborn pigmentation. Here is where the DA Dermatology Clinic Signature Combination Treatment stands superior. 

About the Treatment

We recommend four sessions done once a month apart . Injection are done with the finest needles so no need to be scared.

Crust can be there post treatment which clears off in 5 to 7 days time. Can be covered with concealer .

How it works

Nd Yag : Q Switched Laser : Works by bursting the pigment producing melanin in skin, thus causing skin lightening .

Erbium Glass Laser : It peels off the superficial dead layer of skin. Thus, the melanin also gets peeled off.

Pigment Dissolving Injections : Advantage of injection over serums is that, greater amount of medicine reaches the skin instantly. Thus, one can expect earlier and better results.

Procedure details

Nd : Yag Q Switched Laser bursts the the pigment producing cells called melanin in our skin .

Erbium Glass Laser peels off the superficial dead layer of skin, thus the melanin also peels off along with dead skin. Once superficial dead sun damaged skin gets peeled off , it gets replaced by new skin which is clear and better .

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Dr. Anvika specializes in reducing Face Pigmentation through advanced ND Yag Laser targets pigmented lesions with precision, breaking down melanin and promoting even skin tone. Erbium Glass Laser focuses on skin resurfacing, reducing pigmentation by ablating the outer layers and stimulating collagen production. Mesotherapy involves injecting customized blends of vitamins and minerals to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, combating pigmentation from within.

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