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Scars - Stretch marks, Trauma scars reduction with Laser or Surgery

Scars - Stretch marks, Trauma scars reduction with Laser or Surgery

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Scars : May be due to surgery, trauma, post acne or stretch marks can be mitigated in appearance by upto 60 to 70 percent with combination of. various modalities like : subcition , microneedling , lasers or the surgical way : cut and suture .

About the Treatment

Surgical scar removal takes around an hour or two, depending upon the size of the scar.

It's done under local anaesthesia , and one can return to work immediately post surgery . Suture removal are done after a week . Best of the result is visible after three months .

How it works

No modality can erase the scar by 100 percent. Idea to make it mitigate by 60 to 80 percent .

All non surgical modalities work by boosting skin to form new elastin and collagen . As collagen builds up scar reduces in appearance .

Procedure details

In case the scar is deep and wide , it's best to cut and throw away the scarred skin. And suture the normal surrounding skin with thinnest possible sutures. Thus we convert a broad deep scar into a thin linear skin coloured mark which looks 70 to 80 percent better than the original scar.

But a superficial scar can be treated with combination of subsition , microneedling , lasers and dermabration.

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