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HAIR TRINITY - DA Herbal Hair Oil, DA Shampoo And DA Redensyl Serum

HAIR TRINITY - DA Herbal Hair Oil, DA Shampoo And DA Redensyl Serum

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DA Shampoo

Experience the immediate impact of a single wash as you revel in the noticeable smoothening effect and the remarkable reduction of dry, frizzy hair. With just one use, our formula works its magic, leaving your hair luxuriously smooth and free from the grip of frizz, providing a transformative and satisfying result after just one application.

DA Redensyl Serum 

 Sodium laurate sulfate (SLS) functions as a foaming agent that effectively cleanses the skin, but its drawback lies in stripping away natural oils, ultimately leading to dry and damaged skin. On the other hand, gentle cleansers like Sodium cocoyl isethionate offer a milder alternative, cleansing the skin without causing harm. Despite lacking the foaming quality, this gentle cleanser ensures a thorough cleaning process without compromising the skin's natural moisture, making it a preferable choice for long-term use that prioritizes skin health.

DA Herbal Hair Oil

Embark on a journey of ultimate hair care with DA Herbal Hair Oil - Fluffy Hair Elixir. Immerse your locks in a powerful infusion of 100% natural herbs that not only stimulate robust hair growth but also fortify strands, thwart dandruff, impart a radiant shine, and provide nourishment from root to tip. Revel in the transformation as your hair becomes healthier and more beautiful, making today the beginning of a radiant hair experience.

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100% Vegan

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GMO Free

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No Artificial Colour

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Cruelty Free

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